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Carbonization Furnace

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Introduction to carbonization furnace: Carbonized oven can be a airflow carbonization furnac
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carbonization furnace

Introduction to carbonization furnace:

Carbonized oven can be a airflow carbonization furnace or a dry distillation carbonization furnace. The dry distillation carbonization furnace is composed of furnace, lid, heating chamber and exhaust pipes. There is a carbonization hearth inside the furnace, on which there is a cover, on the upper edge of the cover there is a ring edge that can be folded downwards. The ring edge is linked with a sealing ring inside the upper furnace, and hangers are fixed on the heart sidewall, carbonization heart, hearth cover and furnace lid.
This new type carbonization furnace is separated from the combustion chamber, and the carbonization hearth adopts flexible installation with continuous work. A furnace can be equipped with several charring hearth which need no preheating when replacing it. The carbonization hearth is cooled outside the carbonization furnace, thus it greatly improves the carbonization efficiency, saving the devices, labor and costs. The carbonization furnace has the advantages of good sealing effect, simple structure and easy and safe operation.
carbonization furnaceCarbonization process for charcoal:
1. after charcoal mechanism rods made ​​by the briquette machine,through the carbonization furnace for carbonization, during charking, furnace lower body will be placed in the flat center, into four fan-shaped grate, furnace upper body, lower body placed in the groove on the stove, ignition ventilated rack erected in the center of the grate, chimney and ventilation tubes were inserted in the flue ports and vents.
2. ignition material was well-shaped flat on the ignition on ventilation; charcoal timber upright mounted in the furnace, the bulk up, large-diameter high -level and moisture content installed in the central furnace ; charcoal wood shop a top cross- layer fuel timber.
3. stove top cover on the furnace upper body recess, in order to seal the groove of the layers are filled with sand , fill a thick outer furnace lower body 250 mm and compacted soil.
4. ignition with seed and other flammable materials, roof cover from the mouth into the furnace ignition, turn the ignition timber and charcoal timber at the top of the fuel material ignited and constantly inserted fuel timber ; when the chimney temperature reaches 60 degrees Celsius , covered with ignition port and fill with sand groove seal.
5. When carbonization for 4-5 hours, the furnace charcoal timber drying phase ends.
6. when the chimney smoke from white to yellow, and gradually close the vents flapper.
7. When the vent flame appears, take smoke chimney, chimney buzzing sound, indicating the carbonization process ends.
8. vents closed immediately with dirt, another 30 minutes, remove the chimney, smoke crossing closed.
9. Furnace temperature was cooled to 40 degrees Celsius; open furnace and discharge charcoal.
10. charcoal yield rate is 25%, charcoal moisture content is 6%.
 carbonization furnace
Features of carbonization furnace:
1. Reasonable structure, low energy consumption, superheated steam cooling system, fast cooling speed, good quality charcoal, short production cycle.
2. A horizontal condenser can be used for this carbonization furnace to recover wood tar.
3. This carbonization furnace can deal with log charcoal, machine-made charcoal with high yield and good quality.

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