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Saudi Arabia customer sent us an inqury of iron powder briquette press machine

Saudi Arabia customer sent us an inqury of iron powder briquette press machine

At August 10, 2015, one customer from Saudi Arabia sent us an inqury about iron powder briquette press machine, the content is the following:

"Dear Sir or Ms. 

We are a Ferro Alloys Producer and generate around 500 Tons of fumes per month. We also have at least 50,000 Tons of fumes in storage. We would like quote for a briquetting machine that would be able to cleanly and eeficiently briquet these fumes at a rate of at least 15 tons per hour. our fumes are very fine (70 micron) as they are collected from our baghouse. please be sure to advise what kind of binder you would recommend and the approximate cost per ton of briquetts produced. 

We may also wnat to addsome metal fines as well as coal dust and Mn Ore dust to the fumes for briquetting. Looking forward to hearing from you, Best regards, Mahdi"


Through communication between our salemen and him, we knew that he want to process ferro alloys powder, ie. to process iron powder. Our company is the professional briquetting machine manufacturer in China, our factory can custom ball press machine for customers according to customers' different need and requirement.


Ferro alloys powder briquetting machine, also called iron powder briquetting machine, can be used to suppress coal dust, iron, coal, aluminum, iron, iron oxide, carbon powder, charcoal powder, slag, gypsum, tailings, sludge, kaolin, activated carbon, coke and other various kinds of powder, powder materials, waste, waste, widely used in refractories, power plant, metallurgy, chemical industry, energy, transport, heating and other industries, by iron briquetting machine production of molding material, energy saving and environmental protection, convenient transportation, improve the utilization of the waste material, and has good economic benefit and social benefit.

Working methods of the iron powder ball press machine:

1. the size of iron powder can be in 90-260 mesh.

2. iron powder is not allowed to have high hardness impurities. Otherwise will damage the roll surface.

3. powder briquetting machine's feeding must be uniform, timely, appropriate use of spiral feeder speed;

4. observe the iron powder briquette press machine returning material, adjust the supply of new material.

Iron powder briquetting machine technical parameter:

Model KFXM-360 KFXM-400 KFXM-500 KFXM-650 KFXM-750 KFXM-850 KFXM-1000
Capacity 4 t/h 8 t/h 11 t/h 18 t/h 25 t/h 35 t/h 40 t/h
Roll width 250mm 280mm 300mm 336mm 400mm 500mm 650mm
Roll diameter 360mm 400mm 500mm 650mm 750mm 850mm 1000mm
Power 7.5 kw 11-15 kw 18.5-22 kw 20-30 kw 45 kw 75 kw 130 kw
Spindle speed 18 r/min 15 r/min 13 r/min 13 r/min 13 r/min 10 r/min 10 r/min
balls size user defined user defined user defined user defined user defined user defined user defined


This pictures are scene photographed by our salemen:

iron powder briquette press machineiron powder briquette press machine

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