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Delivery one set lime powder briquetting machine to Kenya

Delivery one set lime powder briquetting machine to Kenya


The main purpose of lime powder briquetting machine is to reduce dust, control unit weight, recycle, improve its transportation features, etc. Lime powder briquetting machine is mainly used in coal, mining, metallurgy, refractory material, chemical industry, building materials, etc.


Briquetting Line Process Flow Chart

Briquetting line process flow chart

1. Raw Material   2. Rated Silo   3. Conveyor   4. Frame   5. Inlet   6. Screw Forcing Feeding Device   7. Reducer   8. Motor   9. Base   10. High pressure Dry powder Briquetting Machine   11. Finished products   12. Discharging Conveyor   13. Conveyor


At the end of June 2014, Mr Mboya noticed lime powder briquetting machine from our website:



we need one or more briquetts maker which can produce briquetts from iron powder and lime.the shape of briquetts must be oval shape and it's size should be about 300 or 500 mm diameter.


Give us more info if you have one!"

Our engineer designed the flow diagram and process according the requirement and information the customer offered, he is very satisfied with our products, and placed an order about one set of lime powder briquette machine.

Lime powder briquetting machine

Lime powder briquetting machine

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