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Nickel ore fines ball press machine-laterite nickel briquetting machine for sale

Nickel ore fines ball press machine-laterite nickel briquetting machine for sale

Nickel ore fines ball press machine

Laterite nickel ore briquetting machine can be used for domestic and foreign laterite nickel ore by reduction roasting - magnetic separation process, laterite nickel ore after crushing and grinding according to a certain proportion add carbonaceous reducing agent, mixed grinding composite additive with laterite nickel ore, briquetting machine can make different shapes and sizes, (such as φ15-20mm) containing nickel pellets, drying 4-6h at 200-400℃, adopts rotary kiln roasting reduction, temperature control in 950-1300℃. Reduction roasting, roasting sand is coarse broken then wet ball mill, and then use the shaking table for gravity separation, obtained nickel ore concentrate adopts 3000-5000 gaussian magnetic separator for magnetic separation, obtain high grade nickel iron mixed concentrate and nickel containing can up to 7% - 15%.

Laterite nickel ore briquette machine includes: main engine, preloading device, preloading motor, reducer, main motor, main motor frequency converter, ball belt conveyor, hydraulic station, reducer lubrication station, shield and anchor bolt.

Main machine is composed of two sets of compression rollers, mainly used to press materials into briquettes.

The main axis' material is 40Cr, the whole forging, quenching and tempering HB260-280; the roller skin material is GCr15SiMn.

The preloading device is mainly used for the main engine two rollers uniform compulsory feeding.


Hydraulic station is supplied with enough pressure between two rollers.

Reducer are hardened gear reducer, hydraulic coupler is mainly reasonable matching motor power and protection of motors.

Roll surface adopts quality ball bearing steels, by forging, spheroidizing annealing, machining, heat treatment and other processes, the surface hardness is HRC58-61.

All the gears adopts high quality alloy steel 20CrMnMo, and by forging, normalizing, rough machining, quenching and tempering, and precision processing, cementite, grinding gear technology for processing, to ensure its strength and hardness.

The main engine, the bearing of the preloading machine adopts lubricated grease, and the bearing seal use dual-sealing, to ensure dust prevention.

The main hydraulic components adopt Rexroth technology manufacturing components.

Nickel ore fines ball press machine

Nickel ore fines ball press machine technical parameter:

Model KFHM-4 KFHM-6 KFHM-8 KFHM-10 KFHM-15 KFHM-20 KFHM-30 KFHM-40
Production Hour 3-4T/h 6T/h 8T/h 10T/h 15T/h 22T/h 30T/h 40T/h
Annual 10000T 20000T 25000T 30000T 50000T 100000T 200000T 300000T
Roll Width 250mm 240mm 220mm 300mm 336mm 630mmA 720mmA 800mmA
Roll Diameter 360mm 400mm 450mm 500mm 650mm 650mm 750mm 850mm
Powder 7.5-11KW 11-15KW 15-18.5KW 18.5-30KW 22-45KW 30-55KW 55-90KW 90-130KW

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