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Oval briquette making machine for briquetting fine ore

Oval briquette making machine for briquetting fine ore

The briquettes shape of the briquetting production line is determined by the use of the material and the air permeability, which is important in the whole process. In actual use, pellets shape is similar with irregular shape, like a lump of coal, the combustion permeability is better, combustion is more complete. Shape belongs to multi-row polygon, according to the technical theory, it has a lot of contact surface and angle, easy to form the framework, in the combustion and smelting of good nature, but in processing is more difficult, many companies can not do, so the market is mostly round.

Oval briquette making machine

Briquetting machine can press the powder into the briquettes directly. it suit for the alumimum powder charcoal, coal, clay, coking coal etc. for this,it can be reduce the dust, recycle and easy to transportation.

Features of the briquetting machine:

.High-quality pellet briquette machine

.Advanced technology 

.High briquetting ratio pellet briquette machine

.High pressure pellet briquette machine

.Durable&energy-saving pellet briquette machine

.Offer installation guide

.Different design according to your place.

Briquette machine skin is an essential important component of coal briquette equipment, briquette machine skins determine the forming shape, Briquette machine skin include a surface layer in the briquette machine external with ball socket cylinder component. According to different assembly modes, can devided into integrated type and sub type.

Oval briquette making machine Oval briquette making machine

With the development of briquette process, molding equipment durability and forming rate is widely concerned, main current briquette machine widely used 9 cr 2 mo leather material casting, abrasion resistant capability is the strongest, greatly improve the service life of the ball press machine equipment. 

According to the needs of different users, briquette machine skin is pided into the oval shaped, trapezoid, rectangular, stadium type and other different shapes.

Oval briquette making machine

According to the experimental analysis, the different material of the briquettes ball type is required, for example, common coal, it has no special requirements for the ball type, because it has a certain adhesion, it is easy to form, so the shape of the ball is not large. Again, for example, after mixing the powder, because the powder do not contain adhesion, needs to mix with mixer and then extrusion molding, this time embody the importance of briquettes type, under normal circumstances, choose the ellipse.

Why to choose the oval?

First round round is not so much the edge, the ball is more rounded, not easy to crack in the case of dry. And round is different, although very mellow, but adding adhesive, mineral powder easily attached to the ball socket of roller surface of the briquetting machine, influence balling rate of briquette machine, thereby affecting the yield.

Briquetting production line:

Oval briquetting production line

Therefore selection briquette machine, try to listen to expert opinion, choose suitable ball type and roller surface arrangement, so that achieve the best effect, but also improve the production of equipment and reduce the maintenance time.

Henan shisheng is the professional briquetting machines supplier in China, which can produce different briquettes shapes, such as oval shaped, goose egg type, cylindrical type, roundness, pillow type, trapezoid, rectangular, stadium type, square, drop-water shape, splayed, column egg-shaped, apricot kernel shape and other different shapes.

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