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Palm kernel Shells briquettes compressed by biomass briquetting plant in Malaysia

Palm kernel Shells briquettes compressed by biomass briquetting plant in Malaysia

Palm kernel ShellsPalm shell: in the palm oil refining process first kernel is extracted from the pulp, and then chip-off the kernel shell, some slashing part is palm kernel shell (PKS). Its features: during burning generated heat is higher than the general biological fuel, and its unique chemical properties can reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Palm shell application:

The mainstream application is used as the fuel, high quality palm shell calorific value can reach 4600 kcal, ash content is lower than 3, water is less than 15. It is a kind of efficient biomass fuel; in addition palm shell can also manufacture activated carbon and decomposition making ethanol. As the technology becomes more mature, palm shell potential will become more and more evident

The biomass fuel technologies could turn these agricultural wastes into fuels of different forms: methyl alcohol, flammable gas and biomass briquette fuels. Since 2 years ago, the technical problems for non-grain bioethanol production has already been solved, fuel products has realized the persification of agricultural products range. Straw is featured with large yield, renewable, low sulfur content, utilizing straw has significant meaning for ease the energy crisis, protect the energy safety.

biomass briquetting machine

Biomass briquettin machine introduction:

Biomass briquette machine, also called charcoal machine, its can be pided into sawdust briquetting machine, rice husk briquette machine, sawdust briquette machine, the device is the main mechanism of briquette production molding equipment. It will make moisture <12% of bamboo, wood, shell, straw (except rice straw, wheat straw) and other granular waste (length ≤ 5mm, diameter ≤ 3mm), without any binder, after high-temperature, high-pressure process, compressed into briquettes.

There are a wide range of wood briquette maker and straw briquette machines for sale on the market. You should choose the right type of machine depending on your raw materials. The briquette maker machine is equipped with a sleeve heating coil. The temperature of the heating coil is adjustable and the maximum temperature is 350 ℃. To produce straw briquettes or wood briquettes with smooth surface (no cracks) and high density, you should choose the optimal molding temperature according to the type of raw materials that you prepared.

Basic Process of Biomass Briquetting Plant and Needed Equipments:

Palm kernel Shells briquettes

Biomass Raw material → Crushing (Hammer Mill or Wood Crusher Machine) → Drying (Dryer Machine or dry in the sun ) → Briquetting (Briquette Making Machine) → Packing (Packaging Machine) → Final Briquettes.

Henan shisheng is the professional briquettes machines, which can process various of materials, such as mineral powder, dust, sludge, lime powder, straw, logs, carbon powder, coal slime, coal powder, cinder, copper scrap, palm shell, nut shell, rice husk and other industry waste and crop shells.

Palm kernel Shells briquettes

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