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Phosphorus gypsum ball press machine production line process scheme

Phosphorus gypsum ball press machine production line process scheme

Phosphorus gypsum ball press machine

Process flow of phosphorus gypsum ball press machine:

Phosphorus gypsum → biaxial mixer →compaction press machine → briquetting machine → finished products

Phosphorus gypsum briquetting production line:

1, phosphorus gypsum: phosphorus gypsum processing can replace natural gypsum as cement retarder.

2, double shaft mixer: control the amount of the whole production line, ensure feeding uniformities, ensure uniform feeding machine, also play fine mixing and kneading.

3, compaction press machine: after stirring, good phosphorus gypsum material is pressurized, to achieve each pellet moisture, dry and wet, the density is basically the same, but also played the role of homogenize.

4, briquetting machine: after good encryption, raw materials are suppressed into balls, to ensure the strength and density of the ball, that is finished products.

Key parts materials of equipment:

Main roller material is 9 chrome 2 vanadium molybdenum, the Luo's hardness (HRC) 55-58 degree, for the phosphorus gypsum strong suitable, wear-resisting, durable.

Compared with other products, briquette machine products have unique features:

1, the phosphorus gypsum raw material encryption, so that the ball rate 95% is a patent.

2, our briquette machine roller is wider than any other manufacturer, the real national standard.

3, briquetting machine table-board is only one of the 23cm steel plate and is the whole steel plate.

4, ball press machine roller is the only one with the use of material 9 chromium 2 molybdenum vanadium, general manufacturers use 65.

Phosphorus gypsum ball press machine structure:

Phosphorus gypsum ball press machine

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