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How to calculate the capacity of the coal briquetting machine?

How to calculate the capacity of the coal briquetting machine?

coal briquetting machine

Pulverized coal in use have many kinds of ways, our common honeycomb briquette is civil coal using the typical way. Also in the industrial use of coal, there will be little direct use of coal. The reason is that this way is the most direct way, also very extensive, not only not high efficiency, but also easy to pollute the environment. Briquette ball press machine in the production of coal products industry has made tremendous changes and contribution.

In the process of briquetting, mostly add rapid compression molding process with a certain shape, size, specific physical and chemical properties and different uses of the product. The finished products are called coal briquettes. Coal briquette equipment by pulverized coal briquetting machine changes the geometric shape, enhance the strength, more conducive to storage. The modernization of the briquette press machine process make the bulk of pulverized coal into high-quality industrial raw material and clean energy.

coal briquetting machine

Briquette production line conditions according to the scale of production and the process not entirely same has difference. First of all small coal briquetting machine equipment production site have 200 square, mainly used to pile up briquette equipment and raw materials for stacking. There are about ten square meters of the workshop plant, and it should be guaranteed to have adequate quality of raw materials, such as coal, water and electricity infrastructure is very complete. The general situation three to five persons will be able to complete the task of briquette production line.

In this way, briquetting plant is build well, but how to calculate the capacity of the coal briquetting machine? How can we know this briquetting production line meet customers requirement?

Briquette ball press machine output calculation method, such as before molding material moisture is 12%, the weight of single ball is 50 grams, actual spindle speed 15 revolutions per minute, total ball sockets are  180, wet balls output per hour = the single bulb weight * ball number * spindle speed * 60. Some equipment manufacturers marked annual output is 30000 tons, 50000 tons, 100000 tons, is not accurate, it should be the actual operation time per year to determine the output of the briquette machine, and then the formula to determine the actual output of the machine, so that it can test equipment manufacturers to meet the requirements. In addition, the same specifications: ball press machine balls are larger, the higher the output of briquetting press machine; the ball is smaller, the ball press machine production is also smaller.

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