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How to make coal briquettes by coal briquetting plant?

How to make coal briquettes by coal briquetting plant?

Coal briquettes 

What is the coal briquettes?

Coal briquettes are small balls made by coal dust, water and loess, is the fuel for cooking and heating, mostly black and gray.

Explanation: the small ball made by coal dust, water and loess

Color: charcoal grey

Shape and size: such as ginkgo, the size of a walnut

Usage: cooking heating and other fuels

Nickname: honeycomb briquette, coal cake, etc.

Coal briquettes

Identify the quality of briquettes can be carried out through the following three steps:

1. weight, good quality briquettes are generally lighter.

2. see appearance, good quality coal briquettes appearance color black, but not very smooth.

3. during buy briquettes can try to burn, took a piece of briquettes and put it on the stove, good quality briquettes will soon be able to burning and combustion for a long time, otherwise it will be inferior briquettes.

The application of briquetting technology:

Ore: iron ore fines, chrome ore fines, chromite ore fines, laterite ore fines, manganese ore fines, nickel ore fines, magnesite;

Fuel: charcoal powder, coal fines, carbon black, petroleum coke, coke;

Mineral: quick lime, burnt lime, gypsum, fluorite, fluorspar, iron concentrate, clay;

By-products in metallurgy: refractory materials, silicon carbide, aluminum dross, residues;

By-products in steel making: sponge iron, mill scale, iron dust, flue dust, steel sludge, fly ash, sintering fines.

Coal briquetting machine

Coal briquetting machine can use to suppress various powders, scrap, waste residue, such as pulverized coal, iron powder, coking coal, aluminum ash, iron filings, iron oxide scale, carbon dust, powdered carbon, slag, gypsum, gangue, sludge, kaolin, active carbon, coke breeze and so on. Widely used in refractory, powder plant, metallurgical, chemical engineering, energy, transportation, heating and other industries. The coal briquettes made by the coal briquetting plant are energy conservation and environment protection and easy to transport.

What is the coal briquetting plant?

Briquette production line: through the briquette equipment physical suppress, the powdered coal pressed into various shapes of block, transportation is convenient, clean and environmental protection, the finished products and mining coal properties are same, utilization rate is greatly improved. With the continuous development of coal industry, coal briquette production line equipment not only used in the commonly coal industry, and in metallurgy, refractories, abrasives, chemical fertilizer, ceramics industry has been rapid development, and almost all the bulk powder material pressed into block can use the equipment to achieve.


Coal briquetting production line process:

Coal briquetting plant

Coal briquetting plant process:

Coal briquetting plant

Coal briquetting plant equipments:

1, box type quantitative feeder: the raw material quantitative uniform convey to the vertical mill.

2, vertical mil: the raw material is broken to the appropriate size, generally below 5mm materials are the most suitable finished products.

3, mixing drum: used for the liquefaction binder (if the use of dry process, should use other equipments).

4, double axis horizontal mixer: the raw materials, adhesives, water for full mixing, the adhesive evenly distributed in the raw materials so as to achieve better thermal strength, the balling effect is better.

5, briquette ball press machine: the core equipment of production line, the early stir uniform material were pressed into balls, users can be custom spherical and the size. Henan shisheng can provide a variety of shapes and sizes roller leather.

6, mesh belt dryer: the drying process for wet pressed ball, directly transport, storage or bagging treatment.

7, belt conveyor: connected to the equipments, is the guarantee of full automatic for the whole briquette production line.

Coal briquettes products display:

Coal briquetting plant

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