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Sawdust Dryer

【Production Capacity】:
depend on model
【Motor Power】:
3 KW
【Product Overview】:
Introduction of Sawdust Drying Machine: The sawdust dryer is to transport the wet powder sawdust
【Main Features】:
drying maize stalk,soybean stalk,cotton straw,wheat straw,sorghum stalk
【Quality Assurance】:

Sawdust Dryer

Introduction of Sawdust Drying Machine:

The sawdust dryer is to transport the wet powder sawdust to the drying tank by spiral conveyor.In the process of the transportation and separation of hot airflow , the sawdust can be roasted to the form of powder or grain . It mainly composed of air heater ,feeder ,airflowdrying tube ,cyclone separator ,draught fan etc.

 Sawdust Dryer

Sawdust Dryer Working Principles :

The sawdust drying machine constituted by heat generating furnace ,feeding port,rotary cylinder ,filter,feeding tube ,cooling tube and outlet .

As to the special structure of the sawdust roasting machine,the sawdust can be roasted completely in the rotating cylinder ,and these sawdust would spread out sufficiently before entering into the conveying tube ,in which accelerate the evaporation of water.Furthermore ,the baffle combined in the filter withhold the impurities in the sawdust ,so that to ensure the qualities of the finished sawdust .The injection tube and and rotary cylinder worked simultaneously after sawdust entering into the machine.The hot-blast air contact materials completely to finish the roasting process.The newly developed roasting machine is of simple construction,convenient operation etc.

In Comparision with the drying of lumber ,roasting sawdust is more loose ,therefore ,It is not easy to roast,especially when the sawdust in the overwet condition .However ,this sawdust roasting machine is elaborately designed to roast this special material.

Sawdust Dryer

Sawdust Dryer Application:

Gas Flow Type Sawdust Drying Machine is widely apply to Farming and animal husbandry project,for the roasting of cornstalk,soy bean stalk,cotton stalk,rice straw etc.

The Advantages & Features of Sawdust Dryer :

1. Sawdust Drying With low time consumption .
2. High dry strength ,as the items are greatly separated in the airflow ,the total surface of these grains is ,namely,the efficient roasting area .
3. High capacity ,ideal efficiency ,can reach to 60%.
4. Simple structure ,low land investment,easy construction and maintenance .

 Parameter of Sawdust Dryer:

Model(mm) Gradient(%) Rotate speed(r/min) Highest feeding temperature(℃) Power(kw)
GT-600 3-5 3-8 ≤700 3
GT -800 3-5 3-8 ≤700 4
GT -1000 3-5 3-8 ≤700 4
GT -1200 3-5 3-8 ≤700 5.5
GT -1500 3-5 2-6 ≤850 11
GT -1800 3-5 2-6 ≤850 15
GT -2000 3-5 1.5-6 ≤850 18.5
GT -2200 3-5 1.5-6 ≤850 22
GT -2400 3-5 1.5-5 ≤850 22
GT -2600 3-5 1.5-5 ≤850 30
GT -2800 3-5 1.5-5 ≤850 37
GT -3000 3-5 1.5-5 ≤850 45
GT -3200 3-5 1.5-5 ≤850 55
GT -3400 3-5 1.5-5 ≤850 75
GT -3600 3-5 1.5-5 ≤850 90

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