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Briquetting machine's structure

Briquetting machine's structure

briquetting machine structure

Briquetting machine's structure is composed of three parts: feeding part, transmission part and molding part.
1, Feeding part, mainly realize dosing to ensure the materials evenly into rollers. Spiral
feeding device is drived by electromagnetic speed regulating motor, by belt pulley and worm reducer rotation, the pressed materials compulsively press into the main feeding port. As electromagnetic speed regulating motor constant torque characteristics, when spiral feeding machine's pressure amount is equal to the amount of materials the main machine need, it can keep constant feeding pressure to make ball stable quality. If feeding materials is oversize, feeding device's power overload; if feeding materials is small, it can't press into ball. So skillful operation technology is the important condition to ensure the briquetting machine normal operation.
2, Transmission part, the main transmission system is: electromotor- triangle belt -reducer-
open gear- roller. The main machine is provided power by electromagnetic speed regulating motor, by belt pulley and cylindrical gear speed reducer, through bar pin coupling transmit to drive shaft. The drive shaft and driven shaft use open gear to ensure synchronous operation. Behind the driven shaft, set a hydraulic equipment. Hydraulic protection device throw high pressure oil into hydraulic cylinder by oil hydraulic pump, to produce axial displacement.
3, Molding part, refers to the host machine, the hard-core part is roller. When there are too
much materials between two rollers or there are metal blocks, ball press machine plug rod press overload, the hydraulic pump may stop, accumulator can play buffer function for pressure change, overflow valve open and oil return, piston rod shift can make the gap between rollers increase, thus hard materials go through the rollers, the system can get right to protect compression roller.
Pressure ball density can adjust, production flexible.

Briquetting machine structure

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