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Briquette machine's main components

Briquette machine's main components

briquetting machine

1. feed part
This series machine major materials used are coal, coke, ore, iron oxide, dust, sludge, etc, with a certain bulk specific gravity, and the larger the diameter of the forming roll, a greater bite angle, the greater the pressure generated. To ensure that the material evenly into double roller, quantify feeding is important, there are generally three ways:
(1) belt feeder feeding, due to economic and practical, this feeding way has become the first choice of many users.
(2) horizontal screw feeder feeding is suitable for a narrow roll.
(3) preload screw feeder. Dosing purpose is to make the host running smoothly, load stability, when the feeding amount exceeds the amount of hosts finished product, it will cause the host overload, even forcing the host Parking, feed production volume is less than the host, then the ball into effect bad ball strength is poor, so the running master feed rate is an important part of the machine is running, that is, skilled technique is to ensure the normal working pressure dome important condition. Pressurizing the feed screw main advantage is to use an adjustable screw speed method to obtain the desired pre-pressure on the bulk material to obtain a larger compression ratio, while the gas discharged bulk materials, the type wheel of the necessary pressure molding preparation, pre-set pressure is adjusted according to the general nature of the material forming between the 0.3-0.5MPa.
2. transmission part
This series machine primary drive: motor-V-belt - cylindrical gear reducer - open gear - roll.
3. forming part
Forming part is the main part of the host, the core part is the roll, roll blanks are divided into: 65 Mn Casting (economy), overall forging, and wear-resistant alloy precision casting. Forged density, compact structure, good wear resistance, long life, good ball grooving process for many kinds of materials, and reliable operation, mostly used in large-scale high-pressure molding machine, but the cost is higher. Wear-resistant alloy precision casting field ball press machine is the most resistant, longest life, the most practical square ball roll. Manufacturing process improvements, it is now more convenient assembly and replacement, reducing the user maintenance difficulty.
4. hydraulic parts
The entire hydraulic system plays a role of molding pressure function, the system is reliable, easy maintenance, hydraulic cylinder structure is selected that our factory based on years of experience in manufacturing ball press machine through several tests.
Another circuit set accumulator, in order to ensure that when the system pressure and the piston retracts, protect circuit. Hydraulic power pack take DBD series motor pump; fuel tank of the pump with a pressure gauge and a variety of applications valve self-contained; operating principle of the pump is that the motor drive pump rotation, hydraulic oil through the suction inlet valve, discharge by oil discharged, pooled together into the cylinder from the hydraulic system, to provide a stable floating roller thrust, when the feed is too large, the two central moments of the roll increases, then the back-pressure cylinder piston being moved, resulting in the system pressure, and the pressure accumulator oil return operation to ensure the safety.
5. butterfly spring part
In the design of briquetting machine, mounted hydraulic part of the design, no load butterfly spring, butterfly spring loaded design do not need to install the hydraulic system.

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