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2-30t/h Complete Coal Briquetting Plant

2-30t/h Complete Coal Briquetting Plant

A complete coal briquette/briquetting plant includes crusher, feeder, mixer, dryer, briquette press machine and conveyor, ect. First of all, let's have look at the flowchart of the briquette machine production line.

Coal briquetting plant

Coal briquetting plant

Flowchart of Coal Briquette/briquetting Plant:

Flow chart of coal briquetting plant

Suitable Material for Coal Briquette/briquetting Plant:

This briquetting solution is suitable for almost all kind of coal or charcoal mateirals, such as: coal dust, color and black metallic mine powder and other powdery material.

Details of 2-30t/h Complete Coal Briquetting Plant:

Vertical crusherCrusher: Vertical complex crusher is a kind of no screen adjustable fine crushing machine, it is optimal designed on the basis of advanced fine crushing technology both at home and abroad. It is mainly adapted to medium-sized raw materials and clinkers, at the same time can also be used for fine-crush dolomite, coke precious stones, lead-zinc, serpentine, blast furnace slag, coal gangue, phosphate rock materials with medium hardness, especially suitable for hard limestone, dolomite, granite, basalt artificially build sand or highway pavement stone processing. 

FeederAutomatic Proportion Feeder: This machine is an automatic proportionong feeder that is used toggether with a mixer, it can automatically perform feed proportioning procedure according to the proportion setup of customers. It can fit with one or two sets mixers, thus effectively improving the working efficiency. It is composed of feeding unit, proportioning unit, electronic control system ect.



Double paddle mixer: This machine is used to mix the coal dust with water and binder ect. It can automatically discharge the mixed material without manual help.

Briquette dryer



Briquette Dryer: 

This unit is used to dry the coal briquettes outlet from briquette press machine.

Efficient dynamic vertical briquette dryer’s key technology is to make the material in briquette dryer decentralized, in order to improve the hot flue gas contact area with the material, at the same time control the material in the dryer regions flow rate and residence time, make hot smoke gas and materials sufficient convection, radiation and conduction heat transfer.

Belt conveyor


Belt conveyor:

This machine is used to convey powder material, grain material and small lumpy material that are easy to fish out. It can also used to the pack materials such as coal, cement, fertilizer, ect, whose conveying pile density is less than 1.67t/m3, the temperature of the conveyed material is less than 60℃. The length of the machine and the shaped can be made according to the demand of the client.

The Finished Product of Coal Briquetting Plant:

Finished product

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