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40 tons/day coal briquetting production process

40 tons/day coal briquetting production process

coal briquetting production process

Coal briquetting production process flow chart:

Raw coal → pulverizer → biaxial mixer → electronic batching machine → edge runner grinding machine → feeding machine → briquetting machine → mesh belt type drying machine
Process flow diagram:
coal briquetting production process
1, raw coal: coal mine or pulverulent coal has low calorific value, after processed into oval briquettes, can be made massive use of coal increase the heating value.
2, grinder mill: the massive pulverized coal in the bulk material to be crushed, more convenient for the next pulverized coal blending.
3, liquid mixing drum: the main equipment used for the full mixing of the adhesive.
4, double shaft mixer: control the amount of the whole production line, ensure the uniformities, ensure uniform feeding machine, also played a fine mix kneading.
5, three bin electronic batching machine: mainly a device for three kinds of material quantitative ratio.
6, wheel grinding machine: the stirred mixture then rolled stirring, strengthening treatment to various materials can well blend together to achieve the best plastic state.
7, feeding machine: mainly used for a quantitative feeding equipment to ensure briquetting machine molding.
8, briquetting machine: after the raw material, which is stirred evenly, it is pressed into the ball to ensure the strength and density of the powder coal into the ball.
9, mesh belt type drying machine: for molding of egg shape briquette drying to industrial or civil standard, namely into finished products.
coal briquetting production process
Coal briquetting production process equipment:
Device Model Power (kw) Number
Mesh belt dryer 16000 3X10 1
Briquette machine 1000 90 1
Feeding machine 2800 3 1
Edge runner grinding machine 1800 11 1
Three bin electronic batching machine 1500X3 9 1
double-shaft mixer 3500 11 1
Pulverizer 1200 37 1
Total   191 1

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