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15 ton/h coal briquette production line

15 ton/h coal briquette production line

Henan shisheng is a manufacturer and exporter with rich experience in briquette project design and construction. We will offer you solutions according to your raw materials, output, and design for your projects.

Following is design flow diagram of 15 ton/h coal briquette production line:

Coal briquette production line

The components of complete coal briquette production line:

1.  Vibrating sieve: The raw material coal needs a vibrating sieve to screen it, so that over size ones should be crushed.

2.  Crusher: It is one of the key parts in a coal briquetting plant.

3.  Feeder: It is used to feed the coal powder into the mixer.

4.  Mixer: It is used to fully stir the material and binder to make them combined which can add coal briquettes density and prevent breakage.

5.  Coal briquette press: this is the most important component for the complete briquetting line.

6.  Dryer: The indispensible part for industrial production.  

The complete briquetting line nowadays is almost automatic, which means few labor is needed for operating it. This can save you a great amount of production cost, and ultimately brings you more profit. If you have other questions about the coal briquette production line, please contact us

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