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Machine for making rice husk briquette in China

Machine for making rice husk briquette in China

Rice husk refer to outside layer of rice shell. Can be used to make soy sauce, wine, fuel. Pretented bags can also be loaded into mushroom cultivation.

Physical and chemical properties of rice husk: rice husk is composed of lemma, palea, lemma and rachilla several components, except there are temples lemma top long hair hairy. Rice husk is composed of the number of sclerenchyma cell, the thickness is about 24 to 30 microns, rice hulls are rich in cellulose, lignin, silica, wherein the low fat content, protein, based on species, regions, climate and other differences, their chemical composition vary. So rice husk is very valuable. How to storage and use these rice husk? shisheng professional briquette machine manufacturer according to this condition, design the rice husk briquette machine to press these husk into rod or briquettes.
Machine for making rice husk briquette
Rice husk briquette machine can press rice husk into briquettes, easy storage,easy transportation, and high value. It is very much profitable for the farmers as they come up with different kinds of agricultural waste from their farms day in and day out. Consequently, with the installation of such rice husk briquette machine they can convert wastage into solid fuel which in turn aids farmers to earn. Briquettes are any day cheaper than coal and briquette machine plant do not release any sulphur. It is because of these features that many prefer to establish briquetting plant and get immense benefits and advantages.

How to make rice husk into rods or briquettes?
Rice husk briquetting production line:
Rice husk - crushing - drying under the sun - briquetting - rice husk briquettes - packaging - fina products.
Machine for making rice husk briquette
First of all, you need get enough rice husks as raw materials. Then use crusher or hammer mill to grind into powder. Then place the powder on the ground under the sun until moisture content is dried to appropriate value. Feed the rice husk powder into biomass briquette machine to press into rods or briquettes. At last, package these briquettes by packaging machine. So rice husk briquettes could be easily produced.

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