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Vertical Dryer

【Production Capacity】:
5 t/h
【Motor Power】:
22 KW
【Product Overview】:
Description of Vertical Dryer : Vertical drying machine is not based on the traditional drying fu
【Main Features】:
high thermal efficiency ,high output,low fault rate ,low operating rate
【Quality Assurance】:

Vertical Dryer

Description of Vertical Dryer :

Vertical drying machine is not based on the traditional drying furnace is transformed and be become. But without chapter in the condition, facing follow today type coal drying furnace widespread investment, big covers an area of big failure rate.
According to the condition of high offers under low temperature, use coal drying characteristics of great air-delivery and gravity principle, the development design, industrialization test, product generation upgrades, put into operation of massive mold several stages, lasted for several years and successful products. In the design, fully embodies the applicable innovation, expand efficiency, reduce cost, improve quality. Safety production and environmental protection are an ideal equipments for coal production drying .

Vertical Dryer

The Characteristic Of Vertical Drying Machine:

1.By adding machine pressure molding, usually in 12-14% moisture. The dry, its moisture content is reduced to 2-4 percent, can satisfy the intensity and storage requirements. On this basis, then the adaptive after the transformation, the water can be reduced to less than 1.5%; Also can dry regiment ore, coal rods. Such particles .
2.Wearing operation. Maintenance free operation, drying effect is superior, the most suitable for large and medium-sized line matching ideal equipments.

3.shisheng drying machine following open after many years' research design machinery of vertical dryer series, it is mainly applicable to all kinds of ball (block) thallose drying dehydration, (not applicable powder which drying dehydration), the main supporting our various models of pressure ball machine use, also can use specific products supporting users.

4.Whatever production-oriented coal, ore pellets of metallurgical USES in ingredients adhesives and powder through even mixing machine and, after a shape. In the initial stage of the adhesives are various performance because does not produce effect, make product strength can not guarantee. This needs to accelerate atherosclerosis, namely drying save time, save the venues, and guarantee the product quality. Especially in winter production, the effect more apparent outstanding, this is the importance of drying.

5.Drying way and method is a lot ,have chain plate mesh belt drying ,kiln way and vertical drying furance drying .The characteristic of wertical roasting is small invement ,cover an area of an area small , low fault rate ,low operating rate , the heat rate is low ,by using high thermal efficiency , high output , the more beneficial to the environment, it is complete ideal equipments of cold pellet production line .

Vertical Dryer

The Main Technical Parameters of vertical Dryer:













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